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November 21, 2014
Subject: Fire Chief Wood Furnace

Hello Dennis, Jeff Anderson here. Hope you are doing well. You delivered a stove to me last spring in the Braymer area. I am just writing to say that this stove is amazing. I am very impressed with everything about it. Even through the recent cold snap, it kept our house at 76 degrees perfectly. And I am not using as much wood as I was expecting. I load it morning and evening........and that's good enough. Wish I had done this years ago. Thanks. Hope you and your family are doing well.
--Jeff Anderson


Hi Dennis,
Just sitting around on a lazy, rainy day. Been wondering how you were doing and thought I would shoot you an email to see. We are getting some fairly severe weather at the moment, hard rains, wind, and hail.

My wife and I are planning a trip to Michigan later this summer or early fall, since I have all the wood we need for this heating season cut, split, stacked, and ready to burn. We are looking forward to another winter enjoying the comfort that the Fire Chief provides us. Thanks for your second to none customer support and friendly way of which you do business.

As I mentioned we are planning to visit in Michigan and would very much enjoy stopping by your place of business on our return home to meet you personally.
Here comes the weather again. I need to go out and take a look at things.

God Bless You & your Family.

Tom Hafstad

February 1, 2014, 9:51:54 AM CST
"'Dennis Mix'"
Julie & Jay HUGE Thank YOU
Dear Dennis

We wanted to let you know The OS2200 is the BEST investment in our home we have ever made!!! This is the 1st time in 20 years the north end of our house which is dining room kitchen bath & laundry area has EVER been warm enough to call comfortable! Granted itís 20 outside right now and Wed we are to going down to -9 degrees so we will see but Iím betting it will be no problem. The Thermostat control is a HUGE plus I wish your smaller units had then for our Kennel buildings. If they did their would not be a wood furnace on the market that could even begin to compare. I plan on telling everyone I know about you and this furnace. As well as buying several more in the future. We loved the fact that you worked with us and shared your knowledge and expertise as well. May God Bless you and your Family for many years to come.

--Julie & Jay

January 24, 2014, 3:56:18 PM CST
Subject: Testimonial

Hi Dennis,
Being in the middle of the third heating season I wanted to let you know that the Fire Chief 2200 we purchased from Mix Farms is doing an excellent job of keeping our home warm and a place you look forward to returning back to when you have been away for several hours.
Installation of the unit went extremely well and your willingness to assist me if I ran into an issue was appreciated.  The suggestions you offered I found very valuable and It made my Fire Chief burn in a very efficient manner.

From the initial conversation I had with you, throughout the purchasing process, and to the needed part I needed at the present time, I discovered you have an exceptional knowledge of the Fire Chief line of wood stoves.  

Not only were your prices cheaper than the local folks, your customer service is second to none. You continue to offer us something that is rapidly disappearing throughout this great nation, a genuine interest in keeping your customers well-satisfied. Dennis, keep up the good work!

Best Regards,
Tom H.
Smithville, Tennessee

Subject: Pete from Top Dead Center
Dennis, Just wanted to let you guys know how pleased I am with the FC1100E that I purchased from you in 2011. The quality of this unit is excellent. I have friends that have similar furnaces and I don't think they hold a candle to the FC1100E. I also wanted to let you know that the customer service that you have provided for me when purchasing and even after the sale was outstanding. I will let everybody I know if they are going to purchase a wood furnace how great you all are at Mix Farms. If and when I need another furnace you can bet that I will be talking to you. Thank you again for your friendly service.
--Pete Aceto

Hello Dennis,
I wanted to let you know that with about a month of using the stove under my belt I am nothing but satisfied. The stove heats my home with ease. The operation of the stove is easy and the performance is reliable. I would definitely recommend the Fire Chief line to anyone. The installation was a breeze. The shipping damage that had occurred was taken care of within a week. Fire Chief sent me a new top to replace the damaged one.

Thanks for making the transaction a good one. Hopefully I can refer a few people to you for some more sales.

Thanks again and best regards,
--Brock Trombley


note: the above is an unsolicited testimonial from a client who was very satisfied with the work we did for him.

Where to start? I had a old 90,000 BTU wood burner and a 105,000 BTU oil furnace both and it had hard time keeping my home above 65 degrees and now I'm oil free at $3.89 per gal with min of 400 gal of oil for the 5 months of winter it had me broke and I now use less then half the wood burnt in a 24 hrs so in a cool day at 20 degrees my home is at a steady 75 degrees no hot and cool like a oil furnace . nice steady heat plus it has a filter to clean the air and with no running to look at the wood fire its good for at least 20-24 hrs on them cold days so the home is warm when you get home .Plus everything come in the box and with pr drilled holes ..with the 3/16'' fire box it will last 3 lifetimes its like a tank made in the USA that show us we can still make good things here at home. With your prices I saved over $900 on the stove alone and over $500 on the shipping ..thank you guy for handling USA made stoves instead of selling junk low cost stuff to us. You guys are doing a fine job don't change a thing...wish we had more people in this world instead of those who look to make a fast buck.
--Darren Deterline, East Freedom, PA

We were in the market to replace our old wood furnace that had been in use for over 25 years. We went to all the big box stores and farm and home stores and looked at their furnaces. We were not happy with any of them. I heard of the Fire Chief brand and got on line and researched the furnaces. We liked what we saw. I called the company and they referred me to Dennis Mix at Mix Farms. I contacted Dennis and ordered an FC700, which Dennis delivered. I set up the furnace myself and it was very easy to get it all installed. We are in our third season with the FC700 and it is working great! We get more heat from less wood. I really like that. I highly recommend the Fire Chief furnace to anyone who needs a new furnace or is building a new home. Dennis at Mix Farms has been a great person to work with and seems like an old friend!
--Gary and Phyllis Davison, Braddyville, Iowa

I'd rather buy local, or as local as I can, and your as local to me as it gets. Farmers and small business owners or people are the backbone of our country and would rather support them as much as I can. I got a corn stove from you several years ago, you delivered it, and came by to make sure it was working ok. That to me says you care about what you are doing and what your selling. You had very reasonable prices and gave me your bottom dollar right off the get go. Appreciate the what you did for me when you sold it to me. Thanks.
--Rob S.


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