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Outside Wood Heater

No dirt, ashes, or wood in the house.
No loss of space.
Excellent for mobile or modular homes.
Mix Farms Price: Right Hand - $1795  Left Hand - $1850

30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If within 30 days of use, when installed according to the instructions, if you are not completely satisfied, simply return in good condition to Ironton, MO for a full refund of the purchase price.


Rated 100,000 BTU / Heats up to 2400 sq. ft. with cold air return(s)
Big 465 CFM Blower complete with fan limit switch / Baked on enamel finish - no maintenance
Entire unit insulate with a 1200 degree insulation / Simple set manual draft
No expensive chimney needed / Sits on concrete pad or blocks
Giant 7.5 cubic foot 32 inch firebox for twice a day load, burns up to 12 hours
16 gauge steel firebox guaranteed against burnout for 5 years
Heats entire home without expensive duct system

Rebuild Instructions To replace fire box:

Unhook electric Drill rivets out of the back skin using 1/8 drill bits Remove insulation; remove rivets from back inside liner. Remove the 2 ears at the top of the firebox on each side of the collar. Remove blower, remove 2 rivets from liner inside of blower mounting hole. Remove rivet from side of stove where skin laps. Unbolt bolts from front of stove, be sure to put top and bottom hinge pieces back in the same places or door may not fit when putting back together. To remove firebox raise up outside skin, insulation and inside liner on side that blower was mounted, will have to pull liner in toward firebox to raise. Turn firebox toward corner of frame and pull out. Clean out, Replace firebox, Put liner back in place. If you cannot move top skin out of way far enough to get firebox out, you may have to remove rivets on top front, and also two bolds in front. Put ears on drum around collar, install back liner, insulation, and replace the back outer skin. ** If Left hand unit, you would have to take rivets out of front to unwrap outer skin from unit to raise inside liner.

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